3 Facts About Breast Health

3 Facts About Breast Health

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3 Facts About Breast Health

Educating yourself about breast health empowers you to “take action” to reduce your personal risk.

Fact #1

Having a family member with breast cancer doesn’t mean you’ll get it too. Only 13% of breast cancers are diagnosed in women with a first-degree relative who had the disease.

Fact #2

Bras, antiperspirants and deodorants do not cause breast cancer. No scientific evidence to date points to any connection between these items and cancer.

Fact #3

A lump may not be your first symptom. Breast cancer doesn’t always show up as an abnormal lump in your breast. Other signs include, but are not limited to, a swollen or irritated area on the breast or change in breast shape.

It's  important to have a screening mammogram. Mammograms often detect a problem before any symptoms appear, making them a critical component of preventive breast health. Learn more about 3D Mammograms, a state-of-the-art technology offered at our Monona Clinic

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