Rethink Your Drink [Infographic]

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Rethink Your Drink [Infographic]

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Rethink your drink and learn the facts about beverages.

Soda sales are starting to drop as consumers look for healthier options. Many are turning to fizzy, flavored drinks as a healthier alternative. But what ones are actually good for you? 

  • Sparkling Water (unflavored)– Carbonation is the only thing that’s added, so go ahead and guzzle that fizzy drink! 

  • Club Soda – Keep an eye on the label for sodium, especially if you’re on a restricted diet. 

  • Tonic Water – Another one to look at closely. Tonic water can have acids and sweeteners for flavor. 

  • Caffeinated Water – This is a good alternative for those looking to cut back on soda, but aren’t ready to get rid of the caffeine boost. Like with all caffeinated drinks, be mindful of how much and what time of day you’re drinking it. 

  • Flavored Waters – Like sparkling water, the fizz isn’t the problem with this one; it’s the added sweetener that you want to watch. Also keep an eye on caffeine. 

  • Juices and Teas – While they have a reputation as being healthy, juices and teas are often packed with sugars, syrups and sometimes caffeine. 

  •  While water of the plain or sparkling variety are the best choice to keep you hydrated, everyone likes a treat now and then. Make sure you practice moderation and read the label for full nutrition facts.