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Adoption Medicine

Led by Pediatrician Kristin Millin, MD, the UnityPoint Health - Meriter Adoption Medicine Program provides a multidisciplinary approach where parents can receive counseling prior to adopting their child, post adoption services, along with general pediatric care. Dr. Millin has experience working with children who are adopted both domestically and internationally, and she understands the unique challenges these children will face.

The program offers ongoing coordination of care with specialty services such as: mental health services, occupational, speech and physical therapy. These services are commonly required when working with children who may be experiencing growth and developmental delays due to institutionalization, poor prenatal care or general neglect.

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Program Services Include

Pre-Adoption Meet & Greet

Adoptive families are welcome to schedule a free meet and greet session with Dr. Millin. At this visit, parents can ask general (non-medical) questions and get-to-know our adoption medicine team.

Pre-Adoption Medical Records Review & Counseling

Parents will receive information about issues common to adopted children and be counseled on attachment and bonding with adopted children. Parents will also be directed to available support services for adoptive parents. Medical records will be reviewed, if available, and recommendations will be made as a result of the review. There is a flat fee of $300 for this 60 minute appointment. This fee will be payable at the time of the service.

Post-Adoption Visits

Any child who is arriving to their family through adoption (either domestically or internationally) will need specialized care. Dr. Millin will develop an individualized care plan specifically tailored to each child's situation.

General Pediatric Services

We understand the importance of building a relationship with your pediatrician, and if you choose, we will work closely with your family as your child's primary care physician throughout his/her childhood and adolescence.