Holiday Help for your loved ones in a Care Center

The sights and sounds of the holidays are all around us and it is difficult to not feel the “spirit of the season”. However, for some individuals who are now living in long term care or assisted living facilities, this can also bring a sense of sadness and longing for “years past”, before their move into a nursing facility. While most places have special events, meals, and music planned during the holidays, these may be very different from the traditions seniors had while in their own homes. There are a lot of things that family and friends can do to help make this time of year a little brighter. For example:

Room/Memory Box Decorating- Help your loved one decorate his/her room for the holiday season. How did they decorate at home? Keep in mind that care facilities have certain rules and regulations to follow in terms of safety and fire code, for example. Creating a warm and festive environment our loved ones is a perfect gift – put your creativity to work!

Holiday Cards- It may be difficult for your loved one to send holiday cards to their family/friends. You can help them by writing messages for them, addressing envelopes, or by making sure cards get mailed. Also, use your imagination to come up with creative and unique ways to display the cards they receive!

Holiday Music- Provide your loved one with some of their favorite holiday songs/music or even movies. Did they always watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” on Christmas Eve? This tradition does not need to end just because they are now in a nursing facility.
Look toward your loved ones interest, hobbies, and past holiday memories to help make current holiday traditions just as special!