Suite Beginnings Birth Center - UnityPoint Finley Hospital

Suite Beginnings Program

Expect More from Your Birth Center

Offered throughout Dubuque, Iowa, and the surrounding area, Suite Beginnings is a complimentary program that brings personalized nursing care and education to new parents and their babies in the comfort of their own home.

Preparing for Baby

Before the baby is born, a nurse from the Suite Beginnings program will call expectant parents to assist them with:

  • Pre-registration for their stay in our Birthing Suites
  • Making informed decisions about the birth experience
  • Preparing for parenthood
  • Assisting with registration to the many education offerings available
  • Answering questions

After Delivery

After mom and baby go home, the Suite Beginnings nurse will visit mom and baby in your home to conduct a thorough assessment of the baby - wherever you may be located in the Dubuque area. They will examine, weight, check the infant for jaundice, draw blood, and communicate with the physician. Time will be provided for breast feeding support and other questions the parents may have, all without you and your baby leaving home.

Suite Beginnings has changed the way we do things in our Family Birthing Suites. We begin the parents' education process before they come to the Family Birthing Suites. This gives time for the new family to enjoy the birth of their baby with family and friends who come to visit them in the hospital. Because the new parents have continued support and education at home, they can absorb this information better before and after their stay at our Family Birthing Suites. Their hospital stay becomes more enjoyable, less stressful and less overwhelming.