Two parents blowing bubbles with their baby son

Family Birthing Suites

More than a Birth Center, We are Your Home Away from Home

At UnityPoint Health - Finley Hospital's trusted birth center in Dubuque, Iowa, you'll find that our Family Birthing Suites feel more like home than a hospital. Fully-equipped to handle every phase of your maternity stay, our birthing suites permit you to remain in one room so you'll be more comfortable and feel more at ease.

Accommodations of our Birthing Suites

You'll be surrounded by our comfortable decor and home-like furniture. Each suite has its own soothing whirlpool bath to aid relaxation in labor and to help speed your recovery.

Each Family Birthing Suite is large enough to permit your support person to rest during labor or stay with you after delivery. That way, you'll be able to share every special moment. And, if you wish, your baby can room in with you after the delivery to encourage bonding. 

We've eliminated the cold, clinical atmosphere that most birth centers provide, and yet, every medical need has been anticipated. All necessary equipment for delivery is immediately available behind attractive decorator panels.

Cesarean Operating Suite

We also have a specially-designed Cesarean operating suite on the same floor. You won't have to wait for an elevator in an emergency when every minute is precious.

Lactation Services

Finley has a lactation team that includes several Certified Lactation Consultants and Breast Feeding Educators. We also offer a Breast Feeding support group that meets every Tuesday from 1:30 - 2:30 pm in the Delhi Medical Office Building Conference Room.

Level II Nursery (NICU)

It's also reassuring to know that our Level II Nursery (NICU) is continually upgraded with the latest equipment and nurse expertise. This allows your pediatrician to give your baby the best of care within the familiar birth center setting. Our NICU is equipped and our nurses are trained to care for infants from 34 weeks gestation or greater. We care for infants that require oxygen, IV therapy, monitoring or other special needs.

Mother/Baby Nurse

While we're proud of the facilities we offer in this area, it is truly the people that make your birth center experience at Finley Hospital enjoyable and memorable. Our mother/baby nurse concept fosters better communication by assigning you one nurse who is responsible for you and your baby.

Post-Partum Massage

Mom receives a complimentary massage after delivering the baby at the Finley Family Birthing Suites. Massage is performed in their birthing room on the new mother's back, neck, feet, and arms. This massage is designed to relax mom after delivery.