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 Here at The Finley Hospital, we call that 'a difference you can feel.'

Finley Focus from the President

With David Brandon, UnityPoint Health Finley Hospital President and CEO

Finley Remains Focused on Providing Best Quality Cancer Care for the Tri-State Area

For the past thirty years, UnityPoint Health – Finley Hospital has operated the Wendt Regional Cancer Center, providing high-quality cancer treatment.  Whether a patient of Grand River Medical Group, Medical Associates, or another provider group, patients receive the best comprehensive care at the Wendt Center. Mercy's application for a linear accelerator in Dubuque is based on faulty logic and as a result, threatens the continued existence of a cancer program that ranks in the top 1% nationwide. Read more...

Finley Hospital's Commitment to Quality Care : My Firsthand Experience

Every day I notice the quality care that UnityPoint Health – Finley Hospital provides for our patients, families, and community.  I see it in the ways team members keep a nervous family informed on the progress of their loved one; I see it in the ways a volunteer provides a prayer shawl for a patient or family; I notice when our organization comes together to support and congratulate a Guardian Angel, Caring Heart, or Daisy Award winner who made a difference in the lives of a patient and their family. At UnityPoint Health - Finley Hospital, we understand that health care isn't just medical care; it's about providing positive experiences centered on coordinated care that lead to the Best Outcome Every Patient, Every Time. Read More...

Controlling Arrhythmia Concerns

Focusing on your health and staying physically fit through moderation, healthy eating, and daily exercise doesn't just make you healthy - it makes for an overall well-balanced and mindful lifestyle. Exercise and eating healthy may get you the physical results you want to see - increase in strength, endurance buildup, maintained control of body fat - but what about your heart health? Are you aware of the complications that may arise if you don't focus on the health of the most important muscle in your body? 

Problems with the electrical impulse, or rhythm, of a person's heart - also known as arrhythmia - is a common heart disorder that affects millions of people every year. Read more...

Moving Towards a Healthier You

Apple Watches, Fitbits, smartphone apps - with the popularity of fitness technology growing and constantly changing, more people are beginning to pay attention to the amount of movement applied throughout the day. Whether at work, playing a sport, or accomplishing chores around the house, these advances in technology allow people to set goals and track just how much they move in a typical day. Read more...

UnityPoint Health Finley Hospital - Our Economic Impact

At UnityPoint Health Finley Hospital our mission is to constantly improve the health of those in our Tri-State areas, and surround our patients and families with the best coordinated care possible. It's with unquestionable understanding that we strive to provide the best outcome for every patient, every time. As patient-focused as we are, it's important that we visualize the impact we're having on our local economy. Read more...

UnityPoint Health Offers Virtual Care

Technology is constantly changing the ways in which health care is practiced and delivered, as well as how patients choose to obtain care for themselves and their families. In an effort to expand our care options, UnityPoint Clinic is proud to announce a new partnership with MDLIVE, the nation's largest network of board-certified telehealth doctors. We will be amongst the first in our markets to offer the convenience of virtual care starting June 1, 2015. Read more...

Focus on Forefront of Healthcare

At UnityPoint Health Finley Hospital, our vision of providing the best outcome for every patient, every time isn't a mere concept amongst our staff. It's a firm expectation; a belief system and constant standard here at our hospital. We pride ourselves on the ability to constantly keep the health of our community our number one priority, all while remaining on the forefront of health care. Read more....

Bringing Life Saving Heart Care to Dubuque

According to the American Heart Association, an estimated 2,150 Americans die every day from heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases - this amounts to one person every 40 seconds falling victim to these diseases. On top of that, just over 85 million Americans carry out their daily lives with some form of cardiovascular disease or after-effects of a stroke. However, because today's technology is quickly growing as innovative as it is aggressive, health care workers are able to work towards ensuring their patients don't become another statistic. Clarence Salow, 84, of Earlville, Iowa happens to be one of those patients who only recently avoided becoming a statistic this past February. Read more...

Innovation: Its Role in the Future of Health Care

Science is constantly changing, as is the health care system. Not only is it the responsibility of health care professionals to roll with the wave of medical innovation; it's an opportunity. Changing science, physician-led care, and the continuous support of nursing staff allows hospitals and clinics to offer advanced medical care to our communities; treating patients in new ways that have potential to be safer, more efficient and accessible. Innovation in technology and science is just one of the many tools used for medical advancements - made possible when led by strong physician and nursing care. When physicians and medical staff have a deep understanding of community needs, openness to collaboration, and trust in strong underlying science, transformative medical breakthroughs will continue to power our hospitals and support our communities. Read more...