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Family Medicine Education

"Checking Under the Hood" Can Lead to Better Health

Adulthood brings with it the balancing act of taking care of yourself and family, with the various responsibilities between work and home leading to minimal attention on self-care. The demographic most significantly impacted by this is often men, who are reluctant to visit a doctor for regular checkups. I usually ask my male patients "why?" to gain more insight. The top responses are feeling subjectively well, fear of being diagnosed with any condition, and lack of time due to life responsibilities. Click here to read tips for optimizing health between appointments.

The Importance of Diabetes Management

"But I feel great!" is a statement I hear often during discussions with some of my diabetic patients having difficulty following their prescription medicine routines. They don't feel sick; the medications may have temporary side effects, so they think they are better off without them. Click here to read why this is not the case and how your relationship with your primary care provider can help customize your treatment plan.

What You Should Know About Mammograms

October is here and there's a nip in the air. Carved pumpkins grin, gold and crimson leaves crunch underfoot, and people wear pink ribbons in honor of breast cancer awareness month. Since 1 in 8 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer, there's a strong chance that you or someone you know will be impacted by breast cancer. Click here to learn what you need to know about mammograms and the value of screening for breast cancer. 

Knowing the Differences Between the Cold and the Flu

The cold and flu season is upon us, so what's the difference? Learn the causes of these common illnesses, as well as what symptoms to look out for and how to feel better. 

Developing an Exercise Routine that Involves More than Lifting the Remote

"New year, new you!" This is a catchy slogan, and often an idea that motivates people to take another shot at accomplishing a goal they may have had trouble with or completely failed the previous year. This frequently involves weight loss. Click here to learn more.