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Cardiac Diagnostics

Finley's Heart and Vascular Center contains a new state-of-the-art cardiac diagnostic unit to diagnose numerous heart conditions.   Understanding the heart is the first step in treating the underlying condition. Patients may visit Finley's diagnostic unit for a stress test (or exercise EKG), electrocardiogram, ECHO, cardiac CT scan, or cardiac nuclear medicine test. Finley's Heart Scan, also known as calcium scoring, is also offered in the Heart and Vascular Center. 

Patients who have a pacemaker are able to complete convenient routine follow up care with Finley's Pacemaker Clinic, also located in the cardiac diagnostic area. Pacemaker Clinic is staffed with a nurse specialist who has extensive training on the e of multiple types of devices. Follow up may be in the form of a scheduled in person visit or a phone interview done remotely.