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Iowa Methodist Medical Center Transplant Center Wait Times Drastically Lower Than Other Centers

Iowa Methodist Medical Center kidney transplant waiting times are drastically lower than other Midwestern and national centers.  Our high quality patient centered care is proven by our graft survival rate of 99%.  We send monthly updates to dialysis centers and nephrology offices.

Iowa Methodist transplanted patients in 12.7 months on average compared to regional average of 27 months and national of 54.3 months.

Iowa Methodist is transplanting patients with advanced age and higher BMI.  33% of the patients transplanted at the center were over the age of 65. We encourage patients to be listed at multiple transplant centers.


Great Day KCWI | Donate Life Month 2014

Dr. Qasim Chaudhry, Transplant Surgeon, was interviewed, along with Jamie and Shanda Geneser about the importance of organ donation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xO5l0e3gEqo

Paired Donation Offers Transplant Center Patients Options

The New England Journal of Medicine reports a chain of 10 kidney transplantations over a period of eight months. Through the use of paired donation, the donors and recipients were able to match up compatibly.

Read the entire article here.

Ankeny Couple Saves Two Lives Through Kidney Donation

When Sherry Whistler gave a kidney to the wife of someone in her bible study, her husband Mike felt compelled to donate as well. The two were inducted into local radio station WHO's Hall of Heroes for their generosity. "The impressive thing here is we have one person who came here to donate who had no relationship with anybody, just came here to help somebody he didn't even know," said Dr. Qasim Chaudhry, medical director of Iowa Methodist's transplant center of Mike.

More Kidney Transplants Performed in 2011 at Iowa Methodist Medical Center

Iowa Methodist Medical Center's Transplant Center performed 33 kidney transplants in 2011. It was a new record number for our center, where a total of 442 kidney transplants have been performed since 1987. Almost one-fourth of the 2011 transplants involved living donors or persons who donated a kidney to a family member, friend or someone they did not know.

To read the entire news release, follow this link.