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The Iowa Methodist Transplant Center

The Iowa Methodist Transplant Center performs state-of-the-art kidney transplant services. Most importantly, we put YOU first. We want to see you succeed and we will walk with you every step of the way.

About the Iowa Methodist Transplant Center

For more than 25 years, the Iowa Methodist Transplant Center has performed adult and pediatric kidney transplants with a dedicated team of care providers. 

  • Over 500 kidney transplants completed at Iowa Methodist Transplant Center.

  • Our patients get transplanted faster; we have one of the shortest waiting times in the country.

  • Excellent patient outcomes proven by the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR).

  • We have been recognized as one of the nation’s top achievers in living donor follow-up.

Leading the Way in Firsts for Kidney Transplants

  • First laparoscopic surgery in Iowa.

  • First in center paired exchange in Iowa.

  • First national paired exchange in Iowa.

  • First in Iowa to utilize a humanitarian living donor.


The Transplant Center's services include community education and a variety of technical and informational support services for patients and families. The center receives referrals for transplant evaluation from nephrologists, hospital dialysis units and patient self-referral.

Learn more about our referral information.

  • Nearby transplant centers are backup referral centers, assuring uninterrupted care for Iowa Methodist transplant patients.

  • One-third of our transplants have been performed on patients over the age of 65.

  • We help patients be listed at multiple centers.

  • We provide kidney transplants on patients with a BMI over 40.

  • We participate in the National Paired Exchange program.

  • We provide a caring one-on-one environment.

Short Wait Times

The wait times for an organ transplant at the Iowa Methodist Medical Center are lower than other transplant centers in the U.S. In the Midwest, the average wait time is around 27 months. Nationally, the wait time is around 54 months. At the Iowa Methodist Transplant Center, wait times are only 12 to 13 months, on average. 

Wait Times by Blood Type (this year)

  • A: 7 Months

  • AB:   4 Months

  • B: 3 Months

  • O: 9 Months

  • All Blood Types: 6 months

Learn more about our kidney transplants and how to become a living donor.

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