Services and Screenings

How will the HeartReach Mobile Lab services and screenings determine my risk for heart and vascular disease?

The tests being offered through HeartReach Mobile Lab were developed to assess your risks of heart disease from a number of different approaches.

They include:

A heart risk questionnaire

You will be asked questions about your family history and lifestyle habits. A person with two or more risk factors carries an increased risk for heart disease.

A complete lipid panel

You will be provided same-day results of your levels of cholesterol, LDL and HDL cholesterol, and triglycerides. A fasting blood sugar will screen for pre-diabetes and diabetes. An explanation of your results will be included with specifics on heart disease risk.

A vascular screen for carotid, peripheral vascular disease and aortic aneurysm

We will check for blood vessel blockages in the neck, legs and ballooning of the abdominal aorta. Any blockages noted in these areas indicate a high likelihood that plaque is present in the heart arteries as well. IN addition significant blockages can lead to stroke or peripheral vascular disease. Undetected aortic aneurysms can rupture, which is life-threatening. These tests are painless and completed within 15 minutes by use of an ultrasound and blood press equipment.

A body weight analysis

A healthy weight is the weight which gives you the best change for a long, enjoyable life. To determine if you are your healthy weight, we will measure your body fat and waist girth. Where fat is carried on your body is also an indicator or risk.

An EKG analysis

The EKG will check for irregular heart beats, and a chronic condition known as atrial fibrillation (where the upper chamber of the heart beats erratically). IN addition a paste "silent" heart attack may be detected from this test. 

What happens when the screens are completed?

After all the screens are completed, you will see a cardiac nurse who can go over the results of your blood work, highlight your heart risk factors and start a plan for health improvement, as necessary. You will receive an information kit that outlines practical suggestions for healthy exercise, diet and educational references.

The three vascular screens and EKG will be read offsite by a board-certified physician and your results will be mailed to you within two weeks, sooner if there is a problem.

In addition, the nurse can help you with physician appointments, referrals to heart healthy lifestyle programs and classes, and answer cardiac specific questions. We offer a wide variety of helpful follow-up choices to help keep you motivated to come or remain heart healthy for a lifetime. 

What is the cost of the tests and how long do they take?

A complete HeartReach screening is $95. Other combined test packages are available, including vascular and  EKG for $85, vascular screening  for $75, EKG/cholesterol profile/blood sugar for $65. Individual tests/screens are $35. A complete price list is available here.

Cash, check or credit card are accepted. Unfortunately, we will not be able to file insurance claims. Other package options will also be available but you will receive the best value by purchasing the entire package.

The entire package of tests should take approximately 35 - 45 minutes.

Who staffs the HeartReach Mobile Lab? 

The HeartReach Mobile Lab is staffed by a Methodist and Lutheran cardiac nurse and qualified ultrasound technicians. 

Call 1-866-935-5432 for more details and to make an appointment.

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