Weight Loss Before and After | Marquette

Marquette's Story

"My weight was out of control. I had tried other diet programs and dieting on my own, but I had failed and needed help. I had high blood pressure and low potassium. A doctor in the emergency room told me I could have a heart attack or stroke, so that was a wake up call for me.

After my surgery, I have been able to exercise, play tennis and ride my bike, like I did when I was younger. I can play with my younger cousins and not be tired. I have lots of energy and I love to work out now. I just feel great!

UnityPoint Clinic | Weight Loss providers are the best anyone could ask for. I feel great about the care I received. They are there to answer the concerns you may have about your health, both before and after the surgery. They really make a difference.

You have to change your mental approach for how you will eat and live after the surgery. You have to deal with what caused you to overeat and become overweight. Having a very good support system, and ongoing therapy, have worked for me and kept me on track."