Get Started Fly-Along Program Life Flight Services UnityPoint Health - Des Moines

Get Started to Fly-Along

The process to become a participant in the Fly-Along Program:

  1. Participant needs to complete safety module and review questions.
  2. Read the Safety Module.
  3. Complete Review Questions.
  4. Fly-along hours are from 0700-1500. Participants must sign-up for the full 8 hours. One fly-along participant is scheduled per day. All fly-along hours will be at the Des Moines base.
  5. Fly-along participants need to call the medical crew through our dispatch at 515-241-6149 on the evening before their scheduled fly-along shift to check the availability of the helicopter for their shift.
  6. There are weight restrictions for the helicopter. Participants should be aware that they may be restricted from some flights. Weight restrictions are determined at the discretion of the pilot and program manager.
  7. Fly-along participants must dress appropriately during their scheduled fly-along shift. EMS jackets from your service are strongly encouraged. Hats, gloves, long underwear and boots are necessary during cold weather months. EMS pants and a collared shirt may be worn. Lace-up hard soled shoes or boots required. If you have long hair, please make sure it's pulled back. If you have any visible tattoos, please cover them. You will be required to wear a Fly-Along Program Observer name tag visible at all times as well as reflective safety vest as outerwear when applicable. NO JEANS. Must wear closed toed shoes.
  8. Fly-along participants are responsible for their own meal during their shift. We strongly suggest you bring food and beverage as there is limited local access to such. Kitchen facilities (including refrigerator and microwave) are available.
  9. Fly-along participants may schedule one fly-along shift per year.
  10. Fly-along participants are required to complete and submit specific paperwork (download paperwork) including a release and confidentiality form, emergency notification form, and current employment verification. Bring photo ID and completed paperwork with you on your scheduled day.
  11. Crew members have the authority to send anyone home whose dress or behavior does not meet the guidelines of UnityPoint Health - Des Moines' appearance policy.
  12. On your scheduled day, park in the visitor's lot. Report to the Emergency Department registration desk and ask for the flight crew to be notified that you have arrived. If we are on a flight, contact dispatch at 515-241-6149 for further details.