Dee | Weight Loss Before and After

Dee's Story

"A couple of people I knew had great success with surgery. I was very unhappy and felt out of control. I began feeling and looking unhealthy. I looked at information on websites too and did additional research.

I had to begin taking medicine for high blood pressure and using CPAP for sleep apnea. When I walked for any length of time, my back and hips hurt. I was failing at every diet I tried. I began thinking it was time for a real change.

I attended the informational meeting at least 3 times, and I discovered this program was designed to help me. I was impressed with how many different people spoke about the program - physicians, nutrition information, insurance info, etc. I knew I had to do the work, but everything was in place for me to succeed.

After the surgery, I definitely have more energy. My blood pressure medicine has been reduced along with my C-PAP pressure. I look at food labels now and I participate in exercise. I have more confidence - and love not worrying that the biggest size in the store won't fit me!

It is the 'whole program' that makes this work for people. Support groups, mental health, nutrition and exercise - they all matter. And I loved the strengthening class offered just for bariatric patients in a very comfortable setting.

Permanent weight loss is a journey. You need to be patient - remember, you didn't put your weight on in a few months, and it won't come off without hard work. It may take years, not months - but don't give up!"