Weight Loss Before and After | Dave

Dave's Story

"I was 50 years old, diabetic and with other medical issues (sleep apnea, fluid retention, unable to exercise). I realized that my weight was adding to my problems. Diets had not worked and I needed something to help me lose the weight. I was 410 pounds, and other options seemed hopeless.

Diets had helped me lose weight; however I gained more than I lost back. I was afraid of additional health problems and I was tired of not being able to do things because of my weight. I knew it was taking years off my life.

I am no longer diabetic, and my sleep apnea and fluid retention is gone. I can exercise regularly, and no longer tire from walking or doing stairs. I lost 220 pounds. I can buy normal-size clothes, my energy is improved, and overall, I feel much more positive. It has changed my life. (Replacing all my clothes was expensive, but it certainly made me feel more positive about myself.)

I am now four years past my surgery, and still exercise and attend support groups - it's helped me keep the weight off.

The UnityPoint Clinic weight loss personnel are professional and truly care about their patients and their success. I received excellent education, support and care. I appreciate the continued and ongoing support and concern from the staff. They said that they would be "a care provider for life" and they have lived up to this promise. I feel the support they give is unmatched.

The success of the surgery is ultimately with the patient. The weight loss staff at UnityPoint Clinic give you all the tools and support to be successful with the surgery and maintaining weight loss but you as a patient need to be committed and follow what the staff says. And, continuing to attend the support group after surgery has been a great help."