Dana | Weight Loss Before and After

Dana's Story

"For many years, I could not find a way to lose weight and keep it off. I began to research weight loss surgery techniques. I found a couple different types of bariatric surgery. I read that the lap band was the least invasive type.

I had weight induced high blood pressure, acid reflux, knee and pain in my heels. I did not want to be just another statistic. I wanted to be around to enjoy becoming a grandparent, and wanted to enjoy my life rather than sit on the sidelines watching everyone else.

Since having surgery in March, I no longer have any of the medical issues I had before. I do not take any medicine for blood pressure; the pain in my joints and heels is gone. I am able to exercise six days a week and actually complete most tasks I set out to do!

I have had no complications at all from my surgery. This was my first experience with UnityPoint Clinic - I highly recommend them. I was given great care before during and after my surgery. All of the staff that I have encountered truly care about the patient.

The level of support that is offered to patients cannot be measured. I have never felt like I was in this alone. I have always felt like I had a team of supporters that were simply a phone call away, no matter how big or small my issue might be. Do your homework, compile a list of questions that you have about the procedure and then go to UnityPoint Clinic | Weight Loss at West Des Moines for the answers. They will walk you through every aspect of the surgery and aftercare."