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Contraindications to Kidney Transplantation

Absolute Contraindications to Kidney Transplantation

  • Active infection

  • Active malignancy

  • Psychosocial contraindications

  • Non-compliance with medical management

  • Active substance abuse

Relative Contraindications to Kidney Transplantation

  • Smoking

  • Advanced age combined with poor health status

  • Lack of appropriate social support

  • Multiple system organ failure

  • BMI greater than 40

  • History of illicit drug use and substance abuse

  • Advanced cardiopulmonary disease

  • Past history of malignancy

  • Active autoimmune disease

Our team accepts patients with higher BMIs, and if indicated, we will refer them to a Medical Weight Loss Program or Bariatric Program to assist them in weight loss, allowing them the opportunity to become a transplant candidate.

Our psychosocial team will work with patients with a history of non-adherence or substance abuse/mental health issues. We utilize adherence agreements and follow-up to allow them the opportunity to become a kidney transplant candidate. We can help them get set up with a Detox/Rehab Center and utilize random drugs screens. We can also assist with psychiatric evaluation/treatment as indicated.

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