Live 3D-Tee : Featuring Craig Clark, D.O.
With Live 3D Transesophageal Echo (TEE), clinicians can see cardiac structure and function like never before. It displays real-time images of the beating heart from new perspectives. Learn more about this new safe and fast diagnostic technique.

3D-Echo Cardiology : Featuring Craig Clark, D.O.
Cardiovascular disease claims one life every 33 seconds. A 3D-Echo gives clinicians an instant 3D image of the heart. Learn more about the benefits of a 3D-Echo.

Women and Heart Disease
: Featuring Saima Zafar, M.D.
Did you know that the #1 health problem for women is heart disease? Learn how you can reduce your risks.

Cardiac Testing : Featuring Saima Zafar, M.D.
A wide variety of sophisticated cardiac tests are available right in the UnityPoint Clinic | Cardiology offices. If outside tests are needed, those can be easily coordinated too.

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