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Breastfeeding Benefits

Breastfeeding provides numerous benefits for both mom and baby, and it also impacts dads. Provided are some tips to help dads adjust and become apart of the breastfeeding experience.

Benefits for Mom

  • Reduces stress and risk for postpartum depression.
  • Reduces risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer.
  • Allows uterus to shrink faster; helping you to regain pre-pregnancy figure back more quickly.
  • Saves money.
  • No need to prepare and clean bottles.
  • Special bonding time for you and your baby.

Benefits for Baby

  • Provides essential nutrients and antibodies to help protect baby's immune system.
  • Lowers risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, childhood obesity, asthma, SIDS, ear infections, and allergies.
  • Easy for baby to digest.
  • Improves baby's cognitive development.

Tips for Dad

  • Understand that this process is new for both mother and baby.  This means that frustrations may run high.
  • Mother may need help with positioning the baby for feedings.
  • Try to help out in other ways with your baby.  Changing diapers may not be a fun task, but it allows you to interact with your baby one-on-one.  Snuggling and changing clothes are some other ideas. Burping the baby may be helpful during and after feedings.
  • Hold the baby before and after feedings.  This way the baby is able to develop a relationship with you as well.
  • Feed an occasional bottle of breast milk after the baby is 3 to 4 weeks old.