LifeFlight helicopter

On-Board Blood Program

LifeFlight is the only transport program in Iowa, and one of a couple in the Midwest to provide blood and plasma to patients every flight.                         

LifeFlight will have available both O negative Packed Red Blood Cells (PRBC's) and AB Plasma, understanding that only a small fraction of our total patient population will require the emergent administration of these products.  The recipients of this will have benefits that will be long-lasting.  

The purpose for this pursuit was to reduce our reliance on referring facilities, speed the administration of products, and improve patient outcome.  In this pursuit, we learned many of our referring hospitals have 0-4 units of O negative blood available any given day. Additionally, they have zero units of Plasma available in the thawed and ready state.  The fastest any referring hospital could provide Plasma was approximately 45 minutes, in ideal conditions.

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