UnityPoint Health - Des Moines

The Back on Track Program

Have you lost the new you? Struggling with an extended weight plateau? Regained some weight? Well it's time you reclaim the new you with the "Back on Track" program. Get the education and motivation you need to get back on track to reach and maintain your optimum weight-loss goals by participating in this 8-week session. Participation includes: "Back on Track" goal setting, exchanging habits, food logs for tracking goals, meals, and physical activity, nutrition quizzes, accountability assignments, and weigh-ins.

Step One:

Before we begin discussing the basic principles of our Back on Track program we want to make sure that there is nothing wrong with the current surgical procedure that you have. Our first step is to touch base with your bariatric surgeon to make sure that your gastric band is adjusted properly and that your gastric sleeve or gastric bypass pouch is intact and functioning properly. It is rare for the surgical procedure to have failed to produce the desired restrictive and/or maladaptive goals, but we want to be certain that everything is right with the surgical procedure before we move forward.

On Track Topics for 2012*

  • Week 1: Program objectives and goal setting 
  • Week 2: Choosing the right foods: Breaking snacking and grazing 
  • Week 3: Healthy fast food options exploring convenient foods 
  • Week 4: Grocery shopping 
  • Week 5: Make healthy eating easier by planning ahead 
  • Week 6: Trying new recipes and foods that are not routine (talk about soy and antioxidants) 
  • Week 7: Get the most out of your exercise routine 
  • *Week 8: Protein Supplements and vitamins/minerals