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Archives from the Powell Radio Show & Webcast

We want to connect with our Alumni as well as family and friends of the program outside of meetings. Powell CDC sponsored a radio show and webcast from 2012-2015. All of those weekly shows are now archived for your viewing leisure.

Webcast One Live - Recovery Monday

Recovery Monday's staff discussed different topics each week, helping educate viewers on various aspects of substance abuse.

  • Bob Monserrate, is a Medical Legal Investigator & Forensic Scientist who knows all there is to know about the science of drugs and alcohol.
  • Lila Stafford is a Chemical Dependency Counselor at Powell CDC. She has been sober since January 1, 1986 and works a 12-step program.
  • Mac McKoy serves as the host of the show and has been a local radio personality for years and years. Now, in recovery since May 10, 2010, he has a passion to help others.
  • Ryan is the editor and producer of the show.

Guest Speakers

Every week, we present a guest speaker who was either a recovering addict/alcoholic, a spouse of one or an executive at UnityPoint Health who works with the addict. 

Powell's goal was always to educate our listeners and at the same time give them hope and a reference point as to where they could send their loved one to treatment for alcohol and/or drug related problems.

Find Us on YouTube

You can find these archived webcasts on YouTube, by searching "Recovery Monday Live."