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Although it's been a month since we closed the gates on another Iowa State Fair, I may still be digesting a deep fried Oreo. Some thoughts about eating and a few other tidbits are below... 

Labor Day Recap

In 1894, President Grover Cleveland federalized Labor Day, making it an official holiday. I see this as a terrific excuse for some unimportant trivia.     READ MORE...

The Talking Snack Machine

You can buy almost anything in a vending machine (I saw a Best Buy machine at an airport lately - headphones and iPods galore in there). Are your workplace vending machines sending employees the wrong message?     READ MORE...

Sprains, Strains, and Snake Bites

All this food talk has me thinking back to an analogy about slips being the bread and butter of our injury clinics. If that's true, then sprains are in a food group all their own.     READ MORE...

Shoes Aren't Sexist 

Strange title, huh? At least it got you to read this promo. Foot comfort may not be the most exciting health and safety topic out there, but it can definitely make your life easier.     READ MORE...

Fitness Centers (& Snowstorms) Cause Obesity

We all know exercise is important, but what's the best way to help employees feel motivated and equipped to exercise regularly? Check out some interesting stats and ideas on the issue.     READ MORE...

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