UnityPoint Health - Des Moines


Our son Nick is a special guy, he is a special needs child and was diagnosed with "small kidneys" or Chronic Renal Failure in 2011.  From that point on our journey began. 

We had two choices, start Nick on dialysis or let the disease process take its course.  Both options seemed unfathomable, but as I said our son Nick is a special guy.  He had a job, friends and lived in a group home, he had a life.  We chose life.  Nick amazed us daily on his ability to cope with a very difficult life changing process involving his course through the daily dialysis process.

I sat with our son through each dialysis session three days a week, for four hours each day, and watched my son endure.  I watched my son dwindle from us as the disease process and dialysis took its toll on his body.  It seemed so unfair to me that after everything he had already gone through in his life that now he is having to fight to live. 

I had made a decision that if I could I would be a donor for Nick.  On April 10, 2012 our mother-son bond became even stronger, I donated my kidney to Nick.  Today we have our old Nick back, with all the laughter, strength and joy that he had before his illness.  Donating was the right thing to do for me to do.

- Nick's Mom - Melody Abell