UnityPoint Health - Des Moines


Nick will always remember his first day at Powell Chemical Dependency Center when he went to call his wife at lunch to let her know that this was not the place for him. His wife wisely advised him to stick it out and by the end of the day he knew that it was a good place for him.

"I went through the program and it just absolutely changed my life. Julie Stevens was my counselor, she was just amazing. I had lost my joy for life when I was drinking. My family was really scared; my wife was on her last leg with me. It's amazing how things can turn around in just a year."

Nick now works at Powell CDC as a unit clerk, alongside many of those who once helped him.

"One of things I try to is to just be there with a smile. I can think back to the day when I came in here and I was angry, scared and I didn't know what to expect. I can relate to the patients that come to Powell CDC and how they are going to be able to live their lives free of addiction."

As a patient and now as a coworker, Nick has witnessed firsthand the caring and dedicated staff. When he was a patient they helped him get things set up after treatment, get into the right circles and manage his friends. When he started working at Powell CDC he was amazed how everyone worked together to achieve to best result for each patient.

"I knew when I had been here that my counselors cared, but I had no idea that everyone cares about you too. It's such a wonderful staff and I feel so blessed to be a part of it and work with the people who helped change my life."

Prior to coming to Powell CDC, Nick says he had society's view point of treatment centers, but he has found that every patient he meets here wants to be here. Nick counts them as some of the greatest people he has ever met due to their strength in admitting they need help.

"For those reluctant to do the program I'd say give it a chance and do it to the fullest, give it your all, and at the very least you are going to find some things out about yourself that maybe you didn't know. Maybe you are not an alcoholic, maybe you are not an addict but at the very least you are going to learn and you are going to better yourself."