How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Works at UnityPoint Health | Des Moines
UnityPoint Health - Des Moines

How it works

Hyperbaric therapy works through elevation in tissue oxygen levels that occurs in the tissues induces significant changes in the wound repair processes that affect healing. When hyperbaric oxygen is used in conjunction with standard wound care and overall team approach, studies show that there is improvement in healing of the difficult or limb threatening wound.

Increased oxygen delivery to the tissues: stimulates the formation of a collagen matrix so new blood vessels may develop, enhances perfusion, replaces inert gas in the bloodstream with oxygen and works as a bactericide (helps to kill bacteria).

Beyond wound care, hyperbaric therapy is also used to treat acute carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. High oxygen concentrations also reverse the effects of tissue hypoxia (low oxygen) caused by carbon monoxide poisoning.

How long do treatments last?

Most treatments last 90 minutes and are given once or twice daily, depending on the diagnosis, on a Monday through Friday schedule. Some patients may have weekend treatments depending on their diagnosis. Patients may have two to six weeks of daily treatments.