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Committed to Your Health

Our clinic families are here to support you and your health.

UnityPoint Clinic is committed to help you with a successful healthy lifestyle. We know your health history, can recognize your symptoms and understand when your health needs extra support.

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Quality Care at Home... or Anywhere

Quality Care at Home... or Anywhere

Dedicated to your complete health, we are trained to help you recover, wherever that may be. UnityPoint home care professionals are located throughout Iowa and Illinois. Whether you recover at home or in an inpatient room, or need that special last moment care, we are here for you.

Support & Care in Your Home
Hospice Care

Compassionate Care from Leading Health Experts

Compassionate Care from Leading Health Experts

From emergencies to surgeries, you want to make sure you are surrounded with the BEST. Deeply dedicated to your health and wellness needs, UnityPoint is here to make sure you get the best in treatment, care, service, advice, wellness tips, specialty care and more.

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Great health doesn’t just happen,
that’s why we are passionate
about what we do.

Why UnityPoint Health?

The point of unity is you.

UnityPoint Health has a vision for healthcare, and it starts with you:
"Best outcome for every patient every time."

  1. Focused and effective care: Our physician-led team of professionals communicates with you to clearly and effectively address your health care in the most appropriate setting: whether that is a clinic, a hospitaland home care.

  2. Physicians lead your care: Connecting with a doctor matters to you. We emphasize the role of the physician, not just as a healer of individuals but also as a professional team leader. When you see a physician with UnityPoint Health, you receive the benefit of an entire team centered on caring for you, your concerns and your health. 

  3. A team of 30,000 strong: More than 30,000 employees continuously work to achieve our vision of delivering the "Best outcome for every patient every time." We achieve it every day by working closely together to coordinate patient care.  

  4. Care where you need it: UnityPoint Health provides care across Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin in 9 large geographic regions: Cedar RapidsDes MoinesDubuqueFort Dodge, MadisonPeoriaQuad CitiesSioux City and Waterloo. Our regions work together and have access to the resources of the UnityPoint Health network while maintaining the ability to provide compassionate care to the local community.  
  5. A leader in health care: UnityPoint Health is changing the way health care is delivered. You are at the center of our attention. We work, not as individuals, but as a team of professionals, coordinating care between your doctor, hospital and care at home. Our team-based approach and our services have become a point of unity for patients. It's a new way to think about health care.

Our number one priority is YOU
and your loved ones.