John Stoddard Cancer Center | Chemo Brain

Managing the Effects of Chemo Brain

Chemo brain is a condition many who undergo chemotherapy are affected by. It can come in many forms, but oftentimes it's feeling foggy headed, having poor memory, trouble concentrating, having trouble finding words, short attention span, word-finding problems, or having trouble multi-tasking.

The John Stoddard Cancer Center and Outpatient Therapy at Penn are pleased to offer "Managing the Effect of Chemo Brain". This class is offered free of charge to cancer survivors affected by cognitive changes caused by chemotherapy. Survivors can bring a support person if they choose.

The Managing the Effects of Chemo Brain class is facilitated by a Speech Language Pathologist from Penn Therapy. Participants in the class will:

  • be educated on what chemo brain is
  • learn to identify and  recognize one's own symptoms of chemo brain
  • practice strategies to improve memory
  • learn exercises to train the brain
  • learn how to get more help if needed

For more information or to register, please call 515-241-8505.