Ann Benetti :: Oncology Nurse Navigator

Ann has been a care coordinator since September 2014. As a nurse with 32 years of experience within the fields of oncology, hematology, hospice and palliative care, she understands all aspects of the cancer journey for the patients, families and caregivers and how to help them through their journey.  As a coordinator, Ann specializes in helping leukemia, hematology, pancreatic, liver, and esophageal cancer patients and families. In addition, she facilitates the multidisciplinary Liver Conference and the Advanced or Recurrent Cancer Support Group.

As a nurse and a care coordinator, Ann is focused on walking alongside patients and families, helping them through their cancer journey by answer questions, providing support, and connecting them to resources within the Cancer Center and throughout the community. At the same time, she looks ahead a few steps to identify what is coming up next in the journey to determine how to meet their needs. Most importantly, Ann provides education, hope and encouragement to patients and loved ones so they can have the best quality of life possible while going through treatment. As Ann says, "I believe the best care a cancer patient can receive is a multidisciplinary approach and this takes coordination to assure that the best outcomes are being met.".