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Hospital Medicine and Hospitalists

What is Hospital Medicine?

Hospital medicine deals with the care of acutely ill patients who are hospitalized. The providers who care for them are called hospitalists. Hospital medicine includes acute patient care, research, teaching and education related to hospital-based care. This type of medicine is unique in that it is a specialty that is focused around a place of care (hospital) instead of an organ (cardiology) or disease (oncology).

Who is a Hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a provider who specializes in the caring for patients who are hospitalized, typically receiving acute care. Hospitalists are generally providers who are trained in internal medicine or family medicine. They have significant experience with inpatient care. Hospitalists have become more common over the past decade as a way to help provide more specialized and coordinated care for patients in hospitals.

What Does a Hospitalist Do?

Hospitalists focus their work on caring for patients in hospital facilities and are readily available to them in those locations. They have great experience and knowledge of the hospital facility and how to best provide and coordinate care for a patient during their stay. They also work closely with the patient's primary care provider while they are hospitalized.

When to See a Hospitalist

Your primary care provider may request that a hospitalist be in charge of your care during your hospital stay. Hospitalists are intimately familiar with the procedures and resources of the hospital and are more readily available to manage your care. Typically, the hospitalist will visit you every day to evaluate, review and direct your treatment while you are in the hospital facility. They work full-time at the hospital and are available to you and your family to answer questions about your care.

Additionally, hospitalists will work with your primary care provider about your medical history and care. They will consult with other doctors and specialists as needed to help with your treatment in the hospital. Upon discharge from the hospital, you will typically follow-up with your primary care provider and return to receiving your care directly from them.

Benefits of UnityPoint Clinic Hospitalists

Our hospitalists are committed to providing you with exceptional care while you are staying in a hospital facility. Hospitalists will work with your primary care provider, hospital care team and additional specialists as needed so your care is coordinated during your hospital stay and beyond.