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St. Luke's Heart Scan

Your heart disease can go undetected for years. St. Luke's developed Heart Scan to speed up the process of finding heart disease. We use this screening to identify plaque in your coronary arteries and assess your heart's health. There are no injections, treadmills or pre-test fasting. The cost is $99.

How does a Heart Scan work?

A computed tomography (CT) machine takes X-ray pictures of your heart and detects plaque in the arteries, creating a number called a calcium score. This number determines your heart disease risk. The results help your doctor assess your risk of heart disease and which steps you can take to avoid serious heart complications.

Who can get a Heart Scan?

The Heart Scan is for men and women between the ages of 40 and 70. All that's needed is a doctor's referral.

To learn more or to schedule yours, call Heart Care Services at 319/369-8909.