ER Residency Program | UnityPoint Health - St. Luke's
ER Residency Program | UnityPoint Health - St. Luke's

Iowa's Only ER Residency Program

Doctors teaching doctors

Iowa's future ER doctors train side-by-side with experienced ER doctors at St. Luke's. It's Iowa's only emergency medicine residency program, established in partnership between St. Luke's and the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. The program's goal? To train highly skilled ER physicians and keep them in Iowa.

Before this joint partnership, residents had to leave the state if they wanted to be an ER doctor. Now, residents can stay in Iowa and receive outstanding training while providing high-quality healthcare to our communities.

"We were selected based on our tenured staff's experience in treating critical patients, our physicians' commitment to education and the fact that we treat more patients than any other community hospital in the area," said Dr. Brian Shedek, St. Luke's Emergency Department. "This residency program strengthens Iowa's ability to recruit specialists in emergency medicine, for which there is a great demand."