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Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Brain injuries can be very frightening; you want to know what to expect and how long recovery will take. We can help address those overwhelming feelings and answer those difficult questions.

Learn more about our commitment to excellence for patients and families of Cedar Rapids by reading our 2017 Brain Injury Report.

Individualized Plan

Programs have an emphasis on developing skills such as feeding, drinking, bathing, grooming, communication, mobility, as well as basic behavior skills for a safe transition outside of a hospital setting.

Services for brain injured patients are provided in a variety of settings, depending on the severity of the injury and stage of recovery including:

  • Inpatient care- Patients who need comprehensive care benefit from a full range of services available in our technically advanced, yet friendly inpatient unit.
  • Outpatient care- Comprehensive outpatient therapy is available at St. Luke's Hospital outpatient therapy department.
  • Individual  therapy- Patients have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a therapist throughout their rehab stay.
  • Additional support services includes a monthly brain injury support group, as well as a support group for care givers.

Functional Independence Measurement (FIM)

The FIM Instrument is a nationally recognized instrument that measures a patient's functional abilities in areas such as eating, grooming, toileting, transfers, mobility, bowel/bladder management, communication and cognitive skills.

The FIM change rating shows how much a patient improved from admission to discharge.

Returning Home

A patient's time in the hospital is always reviewed to ensure we're making the most of your stay.

Transfers Back to Acute Care

On average, 12 percent of traumatic brain injured patients in rehabilitation experience unplanned transfers back to acute care, whereas only 8 percent of St. Luke's patients required these unplanned transfers for medical stabilization.

For more information about St. Luke's brain injury expertise, call (319) 369-8139.

Additional Brain Injury Resource

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