I’m an entrepreneur, a want-a-be blogger and new found lover of parenthood (not the show though I do love the show too). However my true pride and joy lies within two great guys, my husband Eric and sweet son Brody. I have no idea what I am doing as a new mother but I’m willing to give it a 110 percent 24/7- so please feel free to learn from my mistakes!

Thank You and Farewell

December 29, 2016

I was asked to join this wonderful blog after I tweeted that my husband and I were expecting. At the same time, the Real Moms of Eastern Iowa were looking for an expecting mother role. It was the right place at the right time. Fast forward five years later and it is now coming to an end. I feel very fortunate I was able to be a part of the Real Moms of Eastern Iowa right from the start - and the ride has been so memorable.

How to Survive the Holiday Season - With These Four Easy Tips!

December 12, 2016

Oh, the holidays! When you become a parent you start to form a love-hate relationship with the holiday season because things become so hectic! That routine you worked so hard to put into place gets tossed to the curb; those healthy eating habits, yep those don't exist, and after the holiday season you're left with children who are going through treat withdrawals and are beyond exhausted. OH the JOYS!

Our children have an alter ego

December 8, 2016

I don't know how things work in your house, but in ours, we have a nickname for just about everything and everyone. Even our children have their own alter ego names. They don't realize it's their alter ego name, but Eric and I do!

Motherhood and living with a chronic illness

December 5, 2016

I don't often talk about my Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) because there's not much to say, but yet, there's so much to say...

Our Top Christmas Gift Ideas

November 14, 2016

The gift giving season is upon us and before things get even crazier I thought I would share with our gift ideas for Giada who is 1 ½ and Brody who is 4 ½ and a few more fun gift ideas. I hope this list helps some of you out there!

The Power of Music - Ungs' Playlist

October 26, 2016

I reference music a lot in my posts, so I thought I would compile a few of our favorite songs. Each song is meaningful to one of us in some way. Whether the dance moves in the video are easy to replicate or because the words are so darn powerful they bring tears to our eyes. Music has a way of inspiring us; allowing us to feel and express our emotions that we may not have been able to without music. I think in our past lives my husband was a songwriter, Giada was a producer with a vision, Brody was a singer, and I was a background dancer!