Hey there friends, family, and followers! As many of you know, the exciting journey of motherhood has its many ups and downs. I found out I would be expecting my first child Sawyer right out of high school and have been running around crazy ever since!  I’m a full time mommy, college student, and work at a local daycare. When I'm not juggling my busy life, I enjoy chasing around my fun loving little one who has just started walking and has the exciting yet daring personality of a little boy. I’m new to this mama thing but we have successfully made it through our first year!

Ooey Gooey Recipes

September 15, 2016

Three of my top favorite recipes using ingredients from home. What's better then some messy fun? You will need cornstarch, a mixing bowl, and a rubber spatula for all these recipes. Even Better- No Cooking needed!


August 23, 2016

Wow! Where did the summer go? We planned on taking a fun family vacation with Sawyer, but before we knew it our summer break had faded away. As I started to feel like a lame mom for not planning the "perfect" vacation with my family, I decided there was still sometime to fix this. We took a couple days off work and decided to go with the flow. We would be having our first family "Staycation."

When fun meets food

August 17, 2016

I'm not sure about you but sometimes we "fight" Sawyer over eating food. Now don't get me wrong he's a fantastic eater but only when HE wants to eat/ if it's WHAT he wants to eat. He's not picky, he will eat just about anything, but sometimes it just doesn't go as planned and I'm sure just about every mommy knows exactly what I'm talking about. So, how do we make food a little more exciting for our kids?

Summer Splashes - Balancing Fun and Water Safety

June 28, 2016

Call me that over protective crazy mom. Pools and splash pads scare me!

Making Memories Not Being the Perfect Mom

June 9, 2016

I might not be the perfect mom *gasp* but what is the perfect mom? We tried schedules with Sawyer but with our busy lifestyle that was quickly thrown out.

Mother's Day

May 6, 2016

With Mother's Day fast approaching, I find myself looking back on my journey of becoming a new mommy. Not just a mommy but a young, inexperienced, scared one. I found out I was pregnant when I was only 19 years old and still a child myself. I struggled with the concept that I would soon be a mom of my own.