I graduated from Coe College in 2013 and married my high school sweetheart, Jordan. We welcomed our first baby, Ella Marie, into the world in December 2014. Our little family lives in Cedar Rapids with our Golden Retriever, Millie. As first time parents we are far deeper in love than we could have imagined with our new sweet girl. Life is a little more exciting now and I'm learning about mommy life on the daily! Stick around to hear the ups, downs, messy moments and milestones. This really is quite the ride!

It's Not Goodbye, It's See You Later

December 28, 2016

In this final post with the Real Moms Of Eastern Iowa Blog, I wanted to share my new endeavor in the blogging world. As I shared earlier this week, writing about being a mom and about our daughter has become one of my favorite decisions in the last few years. I have developed a passion for uplifting other moms in motherhood and sharing inspiration or encouragement throughout our days. As I say goodbye to everyone here, I would love to meet up with you again on my personal mom blog: Cold Coffee Blessings!

A Toddler's Christmas List

December 14, 2016

Maybe it's because our daughter has a December birthday or maybe that I'm not the best at updating or cycling the toys throughout the year.but this mama is ready for Christmas gifts.for my toddler. I'm getting a little weary of playing with the same block set, same three puzzles and same train during the day LOL. We are excited for some new toys around here!

Talking "Thankfulness" With A Toddler

November 23, 2016

A few weeks ago my almost-2 year old and I had a chat about what we were thankful for. We obviously didn't get as deep as we might during Thanksgivings down the road, but it was adorable and meaningful to talk about what we could at this age.

In Defense of Sparkly Princesses

November 22, 2016

Our daughter received a big book of princess bedtime stories for her first birthday last year. Since it had more words than pictures, she hadn't shown much interest until these last few weeks as a one year old. She loves talking about Snow White and Cinder-lala and is super interested in the "Princess-red-hair, Mama!" In the midst of a new generation of feminists and gender-neutral toys, I pondered for a couple weeks my thoughts on going down the sparkly princess road.

The Time-Out Chair

November 15, 2016

We all need to take a breather sometimes. As adults, it's an important quality to be able to know when to remove yourself from a situation, take deep breaths and think happy thoughts. I've taken a few "grown-up time-outs" in my day.especially during this political time of year LOL. We started using the Time-Out Chair with our toddler recently- quite by accident -but it worked! And is working. Here's how it goes down during 'witching hour' in our home.

A Note To My Pre-Mom Self

November 3, 2016

"If you go to bed like a big, strong, good girl tonight you can have an M&M in the morning, okay?" I laughed out loud after this bribe fell out of my mouth the other night as I was putting my daughter to bed. HA! Candy and bribery in one sentence? My pre-mom self would die.