Happy Birthday! December 21, 2016

Happy Birthday….to me!  Although there wasn’t much celebrating this year I still had a splendid birthday. My friend took me out to lunch, I finished up the last two work things that needed to be done before baby and my husband cooked me supper. Which he has actually been doing most nights recently as I’m done.  That is my line at this point, when anyone says anything about any day now, asks how I feel, etc., “I’m done”.

I’m done, I’m ready as I can be, let’s do this thing.  My body is done, my mind is done worrying and wondering, I’m not sleeping well, and I realize that it will only get worse before it gets better so let’s get the ball rolling! I am currently 2 cm, so it is something, better than nothing!  I also apparently have a bulging water bag, I have never heard of that nor has anyone I have spoken to yet, but I suppose that is what Google is for.  Pretty much the doc said if my water breaks I will know it.  So essentially I have been walking around for the last week waiting for that movie quality gush while at the grocery store.  It seems like they are always wearing dresses in the movies though, I have been on the legging train for a while now so I am envisioning more wet pants and boots full of amniotic fluid.  At this point embarrassment would be a non-issue, I would gladly abandon my cart and slosh my way out to my vehicle while happily telling someone there is a cleanup in the produce section.  Sorry Mr. Bag Boy, your day just went downhill, just be glad you’re not in my soggy boots.

Our family and friends are getting anxious as well.  Thankfully no one is really bothering us, on the other hand my mom said her phone is ringing off the wall.  I find it nice no one is really bothering us, which I am sure they all know they will be getting phone calls when it happens.  I know anytime I call or text my husband, parents, or close friends they are all wondering if it is go time.  Which at this point I have not felt anything I would consider a contraction nor do I feel like anything is even close to happening, but I did get a much needed good night of sleep last night and I feel rejuvenated so after working in the office for a while I plan to take my dog for a walk and if my ambition level stays up I may do some baking.  Let gravity work with me for a while and see if we can get this show on the road!

Was there anything you did to help things get started?