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Dear Nursing Colleague,

Thank you for your interest in nursing at St. Luke's. I am excited to have the opportunity to share with you some of the great things happening at the hospital.

Our mission is to give the healthcare we'd like our loved ones to receive. That is not possible without the care our nurses provide. As a Magnet institution, we are a leader in nursing excellence. With Magnet status, we are able to attract the best and brightest nurses who are trained to provide high-quality standards of care. Our nurses play a pivotal role in creating a successful outcome for every patient every time and in providing a comfortable experience for our patients and their families. In addition to achieving Magnet status, we have several exciting programs.

Some examples of these programs include:

  • Bridges to Excellence - provides funds to staff to support conference attendance and performance improvement projects.
  • Frontline Leadership - helps nurses develop their individual and team leadership skills. 
  • Unit Practice Councils - allows nurses across the hospital to take ownership in improving the work of their department.

These are just a sample of the exciting programs we have for nurses at St. Luke's. If our mission matches your passion, we invite you to consider St. Luke's. Please explore our online job listings or contact Sara Quillin, our nurse recruiter, at (319) 369-7158.

Carmen Kleinsmith,

Vice President & Chief Nurse Executive

Shared Decision Making Our management at St. Luke's uses a shared decision making model. This model encourages and values feedback and utilizes it from all levels of nursing. Nurses in leadership positions are seen as accessible, visible and communicate with staff on a regular basis.

Frontline Leadership is a program for St. Luke's nurses to help them develop their individual and team leadership skills. Each participant tackles a project that is specific to their department.

Commitment to Excellence St. Luke's mission and values are the foundation of what we do. We built our strategic framework on that mission and values - all three together guides what we do. Our standards of excellence and patient care delivery model direct how we provide our services. All of this together leads us to our vision of "providing the highest level of healthcare."