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Flu vaccines offered

St. Luke's will offer flu vaccinations to associates and practitioners at no cost in the old 5 West nurse's station area. The dates will be posted in the physician lounges. CMS requires hospitals to monitor and report summary counts of influenza vaccinations. To comply with this regulation, we ask all practitioners to submit proof of vaccination. If you elect to receive the vaccine at our clinic it will be recorded for you. If you receive your vaccine elsewhere please send documentation to the St. Luke's Medical Staff office.  Contact Lori Townsend (319) 369-7886 or Jolene Ott (319) 369-8417 with questions. 

Epic Updates - Read more in the November issue of Images for Physicians

2013 Annual report 

On behalf of the dedicated team of physicians, nurses, support staff and patients working with St. Luke's Cancer Care, we are proud to share our 2013 accomplishments and milestones with you. 2013 was an exciting year with quality outcomes that exceed national calibers and continued growth in our collaboration with community providers and the Helen. G. Nassif  Community Cancer Center. Within our 2013 Cancer Care Annual Report you'll learn more about how we continue to live our mission of providing compassionate, quality, comprehensive care for our patients and their families. We thank you for your continued support of St. Luke's Cancer Care. Your support allows us to be a leader in cancer care offering patients the care they need throughout their entire cancer journey.

2013 Provider & Resource Directory

Please find attached a link to our online Provider & Resource Directory. We are currently printing a limited run of paper copies which will soon be distributed. Please also bookmark this online link for easy reference.

Medical Staff Bylaws- Proposed new By Laws available below.

Click here to see the proposed final Medical Staff Bylaws. Click here to see the version with all of the comments included. If you have any questions or comments please send a note to Susan Weber in the Medical Staff Office or call her at 369-8035.

We are constantly updating our Area Physicians database. Please take a minute to make sure your information is accurate. If you'd like to update your photo, please contact the communications office at 369-7755.