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Ted Townsend, St. Luke's Hospital President & CEO

Why Mayo - July 2014

What is this new collaboration between UnityPoint Health – Cedar Rapids and Mayo Clinic all about?

I’ll admit, this journey started out as a competitive advantage, but over the last year our motivation has matured and changed a hundred and eighty degrees. We knew this collaboration would offer a clinical advantage to our patients but what came as a pleasant additional surprise was the value it brought to our physicians. In the end, we did this because our physicians saw the advantage of the best of both worlds; full utilization of local physicians and specialists, with the added value of layering on the Mayo Clinic expertise, all while keeping our patients here in Cedar Rapids. The fact that we could do this at no additional cost to the patient made it even better. Read more in the July Images for Physican's publication.

2013 Provider & Resource Directory

Please find attached a link to our online Provider & Resource Directory. We are currently printing a limited run of paper copies which will soon be distributed. Please also bookmark this online link for easy reference.

Medical Staff Bylaws- Proposed new By Laws available below.

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