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Frequently Asked Questions

On May 15, 2014, UnityPoint Health - Cedar Rapids announced its membership in the Mayo Clinic Care Network. UnityPoint Health - Cedar Rapids is the first health system in Iowa to be selected as a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, having passed a rigorous review process based on quality, service and operational criteria.

UnityPoint Health - Cedar Rapids and Mayo Clinic believe that healthcare should always be provided as close to home as possible. As part of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, UnityPoint Health - Cedar Rapids physicians have the ability to access Mayo's clinical resources and collaborate with Mayo specialists, ensuring that patients can benefit from Mayo knowledge and expertise locally and only need to travel outside the region for care when necessary.

What is the Mayo Clinic Care Network?

  • The Mayo Clinic Care Network is a non-ownership, contractual relationship between UnityPoint Health - Cedar Rapids and Mayo Clinic. Through the network physicians can collaborate and deepen their relationship to improve the delivery of healthcare to our patients and communities.
  • Network member physicians and providers have access to Mayo resources, including tools to promote physician-to-physician consultations and a point-of-care database of best-practice information on disease management, care guidelines, treatment recommendations and reference materials.

Why is Mayo Clinic doing this?

  • Mayo Clinic Care Network helps Mayo Clinic develop stronger relationships with like-minded organizations, so more people in more places can benefit from the specialty knowledge and expertise that are hallmarks of Mayo Clinic.
  • Additionally, Mayo Clinic has a long history of collaborating with other medical providers to provide the best possible care for patients. It's a deeply valued part of our culture.

Why is UnityPoint Health - Cedar Rapids doing this?

  • We believe this collaboration with the Mayo Clinic elevates the healthcare standards for our community. It's about improving care, reducing costs and keeping our patients' in Cedar Rapids and collaborating with the world-renown experts at the Mayo.

What are the tools UnityPoint Health - Cedar Rapids has access to? How will physicians work together?

  • eConsults will allow a UnityPoint Health - Cedar Rapids and Mayo physicians to connect on patient care. When a physician wants additional input on a complex case, they can request an eConsult with Mayo specialists. The electronic "consultation" is then scheduled into the specialist's calendar with pertinent medical records.
  • AskMayoExpert is a best-practice medical resource that is available digitally. Developed and used by Mayo Clinic today, it contains the latest Mayo-vetted information for use at the point of care, providing quick insight on disease management, care guidelines, treatment recommendations and reference materials.

Will patients who need the specialty services outside of Cedar Rapids now have to go to Mayo Clinic?

  • There is no obligation to refer patients to Mayo Clinic. If your UnityPoint Health - Cedar Rapids health care team determine that you would benefit by specialty care outside of the community, your physician will consult with you and your family and together you will decide on the plan of care, and the specialty care provider, that will best meet your needs.

How are network members selected?

  • Mayo Clinic Care Network members undergo a rigorous review process to ensure their commitment to the delivery of healthcare through high-quality, data-driven, evidence-based medical care and treatment.

Did UnityPoint Health - Cedar Rapids ask to be considered as a member of the network?

  • Yes, we did. We believe Mayo's resources will enhance the care we can provide while helping us keep patients close to home, which we know is important to them.

What about other affiliates within UnityPoint Health.  Will they have access to the Mayo Clinic expertise as well?

  • As of today, only UnityPoint Health - Cedar Rapids is a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network.  UnityPoint Health strongly believes that each affiliate has the autonomy to make decisions for their individual market.  Cedar Rapids has made the decision to offer access to Mayo expertise to its providers. 

Will Mayo Clinic see patients through the Mayo Clinic Care Network?

  • No, our patients will continue to see their local doctor. If our patients need specialty care not available in Cedar Rapids, they may travel to Mayo Clinic or another healthcare organization, but our goal is to share medical expertise so that whenever possible, our patients stay close to home.

Does Mayo Clinic own the members of the Mayo Clinic Care Network

  • No.  This is not an acquisition or merger. UnityPoint Health - Cedar Rapids will remain an independent and community-based healthcare provider. We remain part of the UnityPoint Health system, which provides care in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin.

What will this membership cost and who pays for these services?

  • As a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, UnityPoint Health - Cedar Rapids will pay a subscription fee for the use of Mayo's clinically based services. There is no cost to the patient for these services..

Is patient privacy protected through these electronic consultations?

  • Patient privacy is a priority. We have safeguards in place to protect patients' health information. Anything shared with Mayo Clinic related to patient care is sent through a secure connection and remains confidential.

Will Mayo Clinic members have access to "just" Mayo Clinic Care Network doctors or all of Mayo Clinic specialists?

  • Mayo Clinic is sharing the breadth and depth of its entire specialty expertise with our physicians and our patients through this care network relationship.