DOT Physicals

Schedule your DOT physical at Work Well Clinic: call (319) 369-7173.

This physical is mandated by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations for drivers with a Commercial Drivers License (CDL). The examination should be performed by a qualified professional who will take into account the specific requirements of the transportation industry. A summary of the regulated procedures and protocols is provided on the reverse side of the mandated DOT medical examination form entitled "Physical Examination of Drivers". The CDL driver that is physically qualified to operate a motor vehicle must carry a valid "Medical Examiner's Certificate". A DOT drug screen may be required with the physical exam depending on the type of vehicle driven.

National Registry Providers

  • Shirley Pospisil, MD
  • Tina Stec, MD
  • Ann McKinstry, MD
  • Michael Toth, DO
  • William Manely, PA-C
  • Megan Hart-Fernandez, ARNP

Download the DOT Form.

Medical Information with regards to DOT Physicals

Sleep Studies

Sleep Studies are completed at Eastern Iowa Sleep Center.

Timeline for sleep studies

  • 1-2 weeks for sleep medicine consult at PCI
  • 1-3 weeks potential wait for insurance authorization and diagnostic sleep study
  • 1 week for sleep study result at Eastern Iowa Sleep Center
  • 1-3 weeks for insurance authorization for PAP equipment and DME appointment
  • 3-4 weeks for compliance data generation on PAP treatment
  • Potentially up to 17-18 weeks.