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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Support Group Events

When your physical health is affected, every angle of life seems to be changed. Challenges arise, relationships evolve and a new normal develops. Often, making time to have fun falls to the bottom of your list, but friendship, laughter and joy can be the best medicine of all. This group was created for those who have experienced life-changing health events. Friends, family and caregivers are always invited and encouraged to attend as well! Whether you are new to your condition or a long-time veteran, this is a welcoming place for you to have some well-deserved fun at pre-scheduled events! Along the way, you’ll also be able to learn, share and get to know others who are experiencing similar challenges, changes and success.

To RSVP, ask questions, or request e-mail reminders of these events, call Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at: (319) 369-8877 or e-mail: