Diabetes Devices & Technology: Hands on Class

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Diabetes Devices & Technology: Hands on Class

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Interested in learning what diabetes technologies are available for delivering insulin and monitoring your glucose?


Technology has changed rapidly over the past year. Highlights include:

  • Two additional pumps on the market that are connected to a continuous glucose monitor
  • A new pump that holds larger amounts of insulin
  • CGMs that transfer glucose readings to your phone and more.

Join a diabetes education nurse for a hands on information session. We will cover the benefits and drawbacks of using insulin pumps, other insulin delivery devices, and continuous glucose monitors. There will be time after the informational portion of this class to handle the devices presented.

Information will be provided on the following technologies:

  • Insulin Pumps: OmniPod, Tandem T-slim & T-flex, Medtronic Paradigm, Animas Vibe, One Touch Ping
  • V-Go: Insulin Delivery Device
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring:  Dexcom (personnel sensor and diagnostic study)

Please email with questions. You may also call the UnityPoint Clinic Diabetes & Kidney Center to register  at (319) 298-2200.

The target audience for this class is those who have diabetes and primarily are on insulin.