November is Diabetes Awareness Month - Featured Provider: Megan Munoz

November is Diabetes Awareness Month - Featured Provider: Megan Munoz

Diabetes educator meeting with patient

1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every year.

I have worked in diabetes education for the past five years. I have worked with diabetes patients in both the hospital and clinical setting. Whether they have had diabetes for several years or are newly diagnosed, experiencing guilt, frustration, fear and burnout are common. If I can give someone with diabetes hope and help them create an plan of action, I consider our time together a success. 

St. Luke's Diabetes Education helps people with or at risk for diabetes gain the skills and knowledge needed to change their behavior and successfully manage diabetes and its related conditions. With so much misinformation available about how to manage diabetes, it is important to partner with an expert to help you navigate the disease.

That is why our diabetes educators will team with you, your support caregiver and your provider to optimize your diabetes control while in our care. To meet your needs, Diabetes Education is provided through group classes or individual sessions.

People with diabetes are less likely to have these negative emotions if they work closely with a diabetes educator. Talk to your primary care provider about how you can set up an appointment with a diabetes educator.

“Nobody is unmotivated to live a long and healthy life. Obstacles arise that make it more difficult…to follow some of the things that you know might be useful for you.”

-Dr William Polonsky, PhD, CDE