Social Worker Award Recipient:Alisha Armstrong

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Alisha Armstrong

Social Worker Award Recipient: Alisha Armstrong, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Alisha has been a social worker for St. Luke’s for 11 years. Her peers described Alisha as the most intelligent, hardworking, compassionate, professional and positive person they worked with. Alisha is known to go above and beyond to ensure her patient is safe and receives the best care. Alisha is also seen as a mentor and precepts students regularly. Congratulations, Alisha! 

The Social Worker Award is presented to one St. Luke’s Social Worker who exhibits excellence in the practice of Social Work. This recipient exemplifies the St. Luke’s Standards of Excellence and demonstrates leadership skills within the department, hospital and community. 

The Social Worker Award is funded through the Criswell Endowment. Violet W. Criswell was a native of Benton County and trained as a nurse at Rush Presbyterian in Chicago, IL. She worked as a school nurse. In 1993, Ms. Criswell’s estate requested her endowment fund be used to fund the Violet W. Criswell Medical-Surgical & Emergency-Trauma Conference and continue health care provider’s education.