CD's Heart Story: I Suffered a Heart Attack

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"I suffered a heart attack on June 18th, 2016."

"I have always been physically fit for being 63 years old. My wife and I walk on a regular basis that involves hills. Lately I had been noticing that the hill kept getting harder to walk up without having chest discomfort. 

I chalked it up to getting older, boy was I wrong.

 I scheduled an EKG with my family doctor and a treadmill stress test the following Monday, June 20. The EKG showed normal heart rhythm but the next day I had pain in the chest, back and jaw. I toughed it out until Monday for the stress test at Marengo with UnityPoint Clinic - Cardiology Cardiologist Matthew McMahon, DO. 

My wife went with me for the test but that morning I told her that I didn`t think I could run on a treadmill. I had to wait to see Dr. McMahon due to other patients. He noticed that I acted like I was in pain and installed the heart monitor. Within a minute he said I was having a heart attack and called in the paramedics on staff to get me to Unity Point Health - St. Luke's Hospital stat! 

They had my wife follow the ambulance. When we arrived, the cardiologist staff was ready and waiting. I remember there was a lot of commotion of everybody doing their job. All of a sudden everything was completely quiet when I heard a silent, but strong manly voice whisper “BE Still." We happen to have a display in our bedroom that says, “BE still and know that I am God. I knew that I was not alone and was very calm after that."

"The procedure that UnityPoint Clinic - Cardiology Cardiologist Ersin Atay used was a transradial angioplasty. I couldn`t have been more pleased with the Unity Point Health staff and Dr. Atay. So professional. I have changed some eating habits. We have high cholesterol in our family, but I have been on statins for 30 years, so I don`t know what to think on that subject. No history of heart problems in the family."

"Please be aware of the problems that I have mentioned about the hill, as being a forewarning of what might be going on. I would not hesitate going back to Unity Point Health - St. Luke's for any major medical needs. Thanks Unity Point for saving my life!"