ICU team recognized for kindness & compassion

ICU team recognized for kindness & compassion

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Our family appreciated the ICU staff for the kindness and compassion that everyone had for our brother Ricky and the whole family.

Brandi was great at explaining what was…and was not going on.  She makes you feel like each question was a great question and explains things in detail.  Brandi always had a smile on her face, when we needed it the most.

Kerri was Ricky’s nurse for a few days. She smiles and is very compassionate.  Kerri was wonderful during the most difficult times…at the end of his life.  

Amanda was awesome.  She does her job with great pride and very confidential.   Amanda was great help, she knew other resources to help Ricky and our family members.   She helped to bring in the Palliative Care Dept. for more resources and guidance.

Dr Gogineni, is a wonderful man.  He was so compassionate and it really did feel like Ricky was also his family member.  He was very sincere and heartfelt when it was time to remove him from the machines.  Dr. Gogineni was very hopeful that the situation would be different, but God had a different plan.   

Thank you Guardian Angels from our family.

Guardian Angel Recipients:          
Dr. Vijaya Gogineni
Brandi Mensching
Kerri Richeson
Amanda Siggins

The Guardian Angel program helps families recognize those who've made their journey easier. Families offer a donation to St. Luke's Foundation in honor of a St. Luke's employee, doctor, volunteer or department for their work, and those individuals receive a Guardian Angel award. The donation helps fund program and equipment that add to the quality of care at St. Luke's.

Guardian Angel gifts can be of any size - there is no minimum or maximum donation amount to honor your caregiver. A recognition ceremony is held for every Guardian Angel gift - giving special honor to those who go above and beyond.

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