Birthday celebration reminds parents of amazing care

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Birthday celebration reminds parents of amazing care

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Amy and her husband wanted to do something special to recognize and thank exceptional caregivers, so she made a Guardian Angel donation.

Guardian Angel Recipients:          
Sara Everts
Martha Handley 
Susan Kruk
Cindy McCrory
Christine Osborn
Jessica Riha  
Betty Torrey
Bethany Weldon
Peggy Wittmer  

As our little boy recently turned ONE, we want to recognize and thank those that helped welcome him into the world on February 14, 2016. 

Cindy- for getting me settled in and calming my nerves as I waited for my husband to arrive. 

Susan- for making sure that my husband and I got some sleep our first night in the BirthCare Center and who kept me calm while the contractions got tough to handle.

Christine - for always being sweet and smiling even on the 100th time she had to come adjust the fetal monitor. 

Bethany- for spending TWO- full 12 hour shifts, one-on-one with us and talking us through the scary moments, always letting us know what to expect. 

Thank you to the nurses in the OR that helped get my IV put back when things started to get a little hectic. The nurses in the recovery room that took great care of my brand new little boy and my husband while I was getting finished up in the OR. These same ladies also helped us begin our breastfeeding adventure. 

Sara - for getting us through our first night, helping with getting breastfeeding going and being overall fantastic. 

Betty - for helping us feel ready to take our little boy home and being so knowledgeable with our thousands of questions. 

Peggy and Martha my lactation consultants in the hospital who helped us get comfortable breastfeeding and Jessica who runs the Breastfeeding Support Group which gave me the confidence to keep going with breastfeeding and helped problem solve when questions and troubles came up. Thanks to these ladies and all the supportive nurses in the hospital, I was able to exclusively breast feed even while returning to work full-time. 

This list is by no means complete, as I know many other wonderful techs, housekeepers and food service staff helped to keep us fed, comfortable and safe during our stay. 

Both my husband and I are UnityPoint Health employees, so we are very familiar with the values and mission of our hospital. This was our first major experience on the patient side of things and I can honestly say that the staff at the Birth Care Center is an outstanding example of living our values. 

Thank you for all that you do and keep up the great work!