Wishes Endowment
Blank Children's Hospital

Wishes Endowment Campaign for Blank Children's Hospital

The Wishes Blank Endowment Campaign seeks a minimum of $50,000,000 through cash, pledges and planned gifts to invest in our children - a level of philanthropic support that is unprecedented in Blank Children's history. Private support has been the cornerstone of Blank Children's since the beginning. This continued support of our friends and donors is key to the hospital's secure future.

Endowment funds are the lifeline of an institution and are the next natural step for Blank Children's Hospital. With the generous support of donors in the past we have built a new facility, we have brought together world-class physicians and now it is time to develop an endowment. These funds generate dependable, flexible source of income that is critical to long-term strength and stability. Today, we ask our donors to help us reach for the stars!  

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